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The Tiktok that got Aceblade funded

Ever wonder why some videos go viral on the internet and some don't? I do. All of the time! Sometimes it seems truly random and then you see some people go viral so consistently that you think there HAS TO BE a formula to it. Well I decided to stop waiting on a viral moment to change my life and just to be consistent. I've been posting on tiktok for over a year now... almost every day at least. I've had a few videos go viral. I've had a LOT Flop, but this one... it did exactly what I hoped it would do.

It got people talking and it got people sharing. I don't think even I realized how much those two things can make an impact. Just asking for help was enough to get people to chip in a few dollars, and today we got funded!

It always feels great to be supported! Thank You all!


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