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If you need someone leap a tall building, call King Supreme. if you need to get the job done, call Aceblade never one to shy away from a fight, Aceblade is more concerned about the people in his city than the praise he gets for saving them. but whatever you do, don't try to bribe him. he hates that.

Superhero Character Profile
Legal Name: Terrell Durham
Morality: Hero
Inspiration:  Personal code over Greed

Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 222
Race: Black
Costume: Royal Purple 
Powers: The Double Jump
Power Limitations: Terrell is Human
Abilities: Elite technical fighting
Weapons: Everything is a weapon in the hands of Aceblade
Gadgets/Tech: Armblades, Utility belt, HUD Goggles

Romantic Interests: Lady Luck, Queen Zadye, BlakJak, Valkyrie
Enemies: Gutshot, BlakJak, Rhewlette, Hammerhands, Tunk, Jin & Rummy, the Savage, Mikey the Rat, Whitelash, Conundrum. 

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