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Come for the king you best not miss...

Do to others what you would have them do to you....Simple right? That's what LumberJax's code boils down to. If you feel you can cause someone harm because you can...then he will cause you harm because he can. If you think killing an innocent person for gain is ok...then he thinks killing a guilty person is ok. Moral of the story...pick on somebody your own size...or catch Jax's foot up your.....

Real Name: Eumtogo Jackson Mbogo

Height: 6'8"
Weight: 335 lbs

Morality: Vigilante

Inspiration: Punitive Justice For  the Disadvantaged 

Powers: Pre-Enhakkore(His neck-piece): Elite level human strength, speed, and endurance with some martial arts training

Post-Enhakkore(His neckpiece): Superhuman strength, endurance, vulnerability and speed (powers evolving unknown limits)

Abilities: Able to see in the spiritual realm. heightened levels of invulnerability, strength, healing and speed. Necklace can protect him independent of his own attention. Trained in Krav Maga, Boxing, Aikido, Jusitsu, Wrestling, and Muai Thai. Receives weapons training with Battle Ax(Timber), hatchets(Bo and Erges) and marksman training.

Allies: "DL", Jax-Axis(Shrapnel, Gaboon, Estelle, Triumph), Nee-Sevahi, Black Scorpion, AceBlade, Sheriff Trench 

Enemies: K.O.G.E.'s, Conjure, Francis Demaurieux, Trespass, Gutshot, Rankore, Cry-Rizzo, The Preacher, Animus, Chaos, The Ten, Boa, Jim Crowe

Character Insights


LumberJax is on a quest he's struggling to allow his mind to accept. His grandfather told him of his destiny to be the "Seventh and Last judge on earth" when he was just ten years old. He's now a grown and complicated man. He's the prince of the overtaken kingdom in Ethiopia but now known as LumberJax in New Orleans. There are 7 trials for him to face to become who he needs to be, but how do you face trials you don't believe in? His powers are growing from his calling but he doesn't understand them, he's made powerful enemies who want both his destiny and his life. He's a vigilante driven by justice learning to become a hero...if he chooses to believe in the gifts and talents he's been given to help save the world. 

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