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"The baddest ni**A in these streets" as he and others refer to him, trespass commands the respect of his moniker. he's driven by his love of money and respect along with a healthy hatred of jackson mbogo(Lumberjax). 

he was a star high school football teammate of jackson before doing time for attempted murder. benjamin o'sellis (gutshot) gets him out of prison and gives him an opportunity to work for him as hired muscle liaison in new orleans for his business operations there. 

the hatred he harbors for jax leads him to the powers he attains through gutshot to even the odds with jax. ruthless in nature, mouth, attitude, and toughness, trespass is the wrong one to cross unless you enjoy being shocked at the results. 


Character Profile

Legal Name: dwayne powell 
Inspiration:  money, power, respect, hate for lumberjax 

Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 280
Race: Black
Costume: orange hoodie, boots 
Powers: elite human strength, electrified barbed wire 

Weapons: his body, handguns, assault weapons 

villain allies: gutshot, francis demaurieux 

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