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Real Name: Unknown 


Height: 5’ 6”


Weight: 145 lbs 


Morality: Vigilante/Villain 


Inspiration: Vengeance By Any Means, destroying the system that destroyed her 


Character Profile: 


The infamous “Animus” from LumberJax #1 is still with us today. Hell bent on toppling the system of government that wronged Mrs. Castille in LumberJax #1, she’s created a growing army of American citizens fed up with waiting on things to rectify themselves. The stated purpose is to destroy those who stand in the way and those who justify and keep in power the perpetrators who allow the injustices. Her and her “By Any Means” army have now donned masks of the American colors, dripping with blood and stain from broken promises and a purposefully broken republic. Nothing will stop her vengeance, and all that does.. will be literally blown to smithereens. 


Powers: None displayed as of yet 


Abilities: Known to be among the two best demolitionists in the world. Extremely charismatic. Singular focus. Genius level intellect. 


Weapons: Anything can become explosive.... 😈

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