Be Careful, he stings

If you ever even thought you were the toughest man or woman on the planet, you'd better apologize. Alexander Mason was a decorated Marine and war hero before he ever put on the suit. Some experimental procedures gave him increased bone density and agility, and his passion for justice turned him into a vigilante. did i mention he can paralyze an adult male with just two fingers? oh yeah... he can.

Real Name: Alexander Mason


Height: Believed to be 5'6"

Weight: Believed to be 130 lbs

Short Bio:

The ex-SIC Squad member turned vigilante of Las Pacificas. He is trained and proficient in several forms of martial arts as well as an expert in bladed weaponry. Undergoing experimental enhancements while working with the SIC Squad, he acquired several superhuman characteristics including increased bone density, increased muscle density, increased strength, increased speed and a bioelectric discharge. The bioelectric discharge, known as his “Sting,” is painful and can be used to paralyze when applied to certain points of the human body. Black Scorpion uses mystical weaponry including his primary weapon, the Scorpion’s Tail, a chained sickle similar to kusarigama that stiffens and elongates into a scythe when hit with a bioelectric charge and dual collapsible curved swords. Other weapons commonly employed poison-tipped darts, throwing blades and daggers. He wears a damage-resistant suit that allows for maximum flexibility but ultimate protection. The signature helmet he wears is impact-resistant and filled with a multitude of technological applications such secured communications and access to his computer

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