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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

Ever wanted to view "black girl magic" up close and personal? Harlem is the embodiment of it. after awakening to carnage in her home, she realizes she's been somehow resurrected but in grave danger. while attempting to escape, after being framed for murder, she experiences new abilities. Confused but also driven by a need for answers and vengeance we'll follow harlem unleashing hell on anyone who stands in the way of answers...and justice, while trying to continue the ascension into adulthood as a teenager. 

Real Name: Harlem Reising

Height: 5'6"

Weight:  130 lbs

Short Bio:

Morality: Vigilante/Hero

Inspiration: Finishing High School, Attending "The Mecca", Answers For Her Family, Justice, Equality


Powers: Superhuman Strength, Invulnerability, Fire manipulation and invulnerability, Superhuman speed, Superhuman agility 


Weapons: Deez Handz

Abilities:  Extremely well trained in Capoeira (12 years) advanced in the practice. Boxing and judo. Genius level intellect

Allies: LumberJax, DL, Jax-Axis, Aceblade, Cobalt 

Enemies: K.O.G.E.'s, Conjure, Francis Demaurieux, Trespass, Gutshot, Rankore, Cry-Rizzo, The Preacher, Animus, Chaos, The Ten, Boa, Jim Crowe, Cobalt

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