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He who wears the crown,

becomes king. 

He doesn't need to eat. He doesn't need to sleep. He doesn't have to breath. He doesn't have to pee. You would think those would all be good things for a hero. But having all of the power in the world means that people are going to look for you to use it, and to use it the right way. A teenage boy may not be ready for that kind of pressure. 

Superhero Character Profile

Superhero Character Profile 
Legal Name: Roy Altee 
Morality: Hero 
Inspiration:  Helping Anyone in Need


Gender: cosmic 
Height: 7ft 
Weight: Changes with Gravity 
Race/Species:  Cosmic
Costume: Onyx crown, Black and gold cape and skirt
Powers:  Power is a reflection of the hosts mental health and flexibility
Abilities: Flight, Super Strength, Invulnerability, Ultimate Endurance   
Romantic Interests: Roy has an unspoken crush on a certain member of the SIC Squad
Enemies: Negus (at times), LEGACY, Kallah, Per Ashim Do 


The King of the Supreme bloodline is an ancient being who controls cosmic power through the onyx crown that he or she wears. There are only three ways to inherit the crown. Be born of the ancient bloodline, Be given the crown by the current king, or take it by forcing the supreme to surrender it in battle. 

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