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francis demauriuex

Francis Demaurieux is the multi billionaire "philanthropist" of New orleans. he took the family money and name to new heights when his father passed and hasn't looked back since. he transformed his endowments into Demaurieux Pharmaceuticals, the world renowned and largest drug and technological giant in the world. 

His caduceus staff is a family heirloom passed down to him from generation to generation. though he doesn't believe the many legends connected to it...the legends and his family believe in him and haunt him.


he's driven by a curiosity in people and what makes them extraordinary. performing experiments when he can some from general intrigue and the others because he's rich and he can. he is one of LumberJax's top villians with the means and power to cause hell or heaven whereever he pleases but also running from a destiny that seems determined to envelope him in it's grasp. 

Villain  Profile
Legal Name: Francis Demaurieux
Inspiration:  scientific advancement, enhancement, mass manipulation, immortality through science

Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 215
Race: creole 
Powers: augmented strength, agility, speed, invulnerability, occult magical influence, unknown age, endless money


Abilities: master level in judo, jeet kune do, jusitsu, and krav maga. world renowned level swordsman
villian associates: the preacher, Cry-rizzo, d.s. shelby, benjamin o'sellis(gutshot)

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