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Once Emperors, Kickstarter, Live Now

Y'all Don't even know! William Wacllace has been on the grind since the last King Supreme book dropped! Now we're back in the game with a Dual Kickstarter. The King Supreme Graphic Novel and the PREMIERE of Wolly's "Super Bastard" is launching on Kickstarter on the 16th!!!

And Guess what!?! Here are some Free Samplers:

Notification of Launch Link

From Wolly

"King Supreme. This character represents a lot for me. Telling his story is like telling the story of many people who come from a place of unheard voices in the world. How do you survive in a world that will take your life and act as if somehow you deserve it or like you never existed in the first place? How do you stay solid, stay reputable, stay focused, stay alive, and become a symbol of not only hope, but a an example that it's worth it to believe in something better? Understanding your influence and position and pushing to inspire in the right ways. This King Supreme story is grounded in these principals, questions, ways of life. This story is about how despite the odds, some push for a better day, see a reason to keep going and strive for something beyond the current norm. It is about choices, and how what one experiences and is connected to can directly affect how they choose to live. But it is also about how even in make the right choices, you can not always control what others may or may not do. This story is to uphold the name and memory of my cousin Ryan Smith. To honor where I come from, places not often highlighted in comics and super hero stories, at least not how I have seen and lived it. This is about something that elevates the culture, tells a solid story, hopefully makes you think, makes you laugh, hell maybe even makes you cry a little.... but ultimately makes you proud. Especially if you can directly relate.

Oct 16th, ONCEMPERORS Publishing presents: King Supreme vol. 1: GOD Complex Enigma and Super Bastard: Son of Redemption. Support 1, support both, join me on this next phase of building and growth. Much respect to all. Below is a link to check out the free samplers for either book as well as a notification link for when it goes live Friday. These are black and white, but the books will be in color as well through the campaign. This Friday it launches."


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