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King Supreme Press Release


"To Be Young, Indie, and Black" Veteran Indie Creators Join Forces on New YA Comic Book Series!

CHARLOTTE, NC (JULY 26, 2019) - "Own your Crown, Shape Your Legacy" The comic book series is set to start with a jam packed 28 page single issue, and then will release a 100+ page Graphic novel to complete the first arc in 2020. This Kickstarter will include an EXCLUSIVE Variant cover edition and backers will have access to the limited edition Brand covers from both studios. This campaign will run for 30 days starting July 26th to August 26th 2019 and will introduce the world to ‘King Supreme’ An indestructible

Ryan Smith finds an Onyx Crown that turns him into an indestructible hero named 'King Supreme. The 21 year old yearns to escape the boundaries of his troubled city and his new abilities make all of his dreams seem possible, but he must discover his purpose as trusted allies become his worst enemies and he finds that the problems of the Galaxy can be solved right in his community.

Danny J Quick is a veteran in the Indie Comics market. As CEO and Lead Writer at 4th Wall Productions he’s spent the last 10+ years producing such projects as Aceblade, LumberJax, and the SIC Squad while also producing the groundbreaking weekly 'Super Shorts Podcast' where he and Morgan Iverson tell indie comic stories every Thursday. But at the helm of this project, is the young Legend Wolly Mcnair from Charlotte, NC.

WOlly has worked at every level of the art game during his time as an artist; from character design to comic page illustrations to cover artist for Archie Comics, he’s done it all. Wolly has been able to evolve his art with the ever changing industry and works regularly with traditional ink and copics as well as strictly digital illustration and coloring. From local startups and Prestigious Museums, to Nike and the NBA for 2019's All Star Weekend Wolly has been using his passion for art to express himself in every way possible. King Supreme is culmination of everything BOTH the young men have been through up until this point.

Rebuilding Our Communities

Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Wolly had to learn how to navigate the politics of his community just to survive from an early age. Developing his artistic talents gave him an outlet that many others in his community didn't have. While Danny, growing up with a father in prison, moved away from a rough community with his mother faced struggles of his own in the military. A deployment to Iraq forced him to find a way to focus his thoughts so that he didn't succumb to the fears of what was happening all around him. During that year long deployment the foundation of Aceblade and the entire #4thWallUniverse was created.

A Chance Encounter

Both young men developed a strong sense of ownership and connection to their communities, and a chance meeting at Heroescon in Charlotte NC would connect their paths for many years. King Supreme's story is built on the themes of Ownership of Self, and a responsibility to the community. It follows a young man who wants to leave a Legacy of his own but struggles with desire to escape the boundaries of his paltry neighborhood.

Half King, Half Human, Whole Hero.

A Legacy of...

No matter what you may see on the NEWS, there are people who want to make the world a better place. But there are also those who want to leave as much hate and destruction in their wake. Leave the world a better place or burn it all down and let the next generation figure out how to rebuild. When you Get your crown, what will you do with it?


The Rewards tiers for for the Kickstarter campaign will include A Kickstarter Excusive edition of the comic, 2 Brand Cover Variants and the Standard cover edition. Stickers, Jewelry, Shirts, Hats, Original Art, and much more will also be available during the campaign for backers. The project will be attempting to raise $3,500 to help print and distribute the comics to backers and to pay Kickstarter processing fees. Please Contact 4th Wall Productions for more information.





You can reach the kickstarter via this link -

Contact :

Danny J Quick

4th Wall Productions

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