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A 'Super Shorts' MILESTONE

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We've got some exciting NEWS for our Podcast. We've finally reached over 1,000 Downloads/Streams for the Super Shorts Podcast!

We launched this little podcast just this March and we're so glad that you all are enjoying it. We've seen it grow from just a few streams a week, to dozens and we couldn't be more proud.

Our Super Hero Short Stories are really fun and we're enjoying connecting these stories to our comics and novels. We can't wait to reveal what we have planned for 2020.

So... With that being said, I need a BIG Favor. We've got our first podcast episode about to cross over 100 listens. I need 5 PEOPLE to click this link and find the episode called "The Preacher"

It's one of my favorite episodes from the first season and I PROMISE you, you'll enjoy several parts of it. Morgan Iverson really did his thing on this one!

I've loved seeing the looks on people's faces when they see this image of our "Super Villain" the Preacher. Everyone automatically knows what he represents and they love his slick style.

We have more stories planned for Old Pastor Crawford and a few surprises in store also :-) Stay Tuned and until Next time, Stay Vigilant My Friends!



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