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The 1st Fully Connected Comic Universe

Welcome to the #4thWallUniverse!

Ever since I started writing for Aceblade my intent was to connect everything I wrote in the same canon. Aceblade, King Supreme, Zadye, Morgan's LumberJax, All of the comics... connected.Not only that, but the Novels, The Mini Comics, The Podcast, The films, The comedy skits. All of it. If you see this logo or the #4thWallUniverse Hashtag, that's how you know, it's connected.

It's even IN the logo. The letters are connected, just like every story is connected. As we continue to write, you'll see more and more crossover. But if you didn't know, now you know. Every comic that you buy from me is connected if it includes this logo.

Welcome to the 4th Wall Universe

Next up? My BIG Little Sister

I know you usually show the OUTTAKES AFTER the film but we had so much fun making this film I just wanted to share a bit with everyone.

Kickstater will launch on April 19th

But FIRST...

If you haven't already, click the episode above to check out our new Podcast. It's called SUPER SHORTS, and every week we tell Super Hero Short Stories! Come back on Thursday to get part 2 of the SIC Squad series. Thanks for connecting with us, but until next time, Stay Vigilant My Friends!

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