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BIG News, Contests, and LumberJax!

Good Afternoon 4th Wall Crawlers!

Long time no see. (We've been BUSY) Yes we have 'NC Comicon' coming up this weekend, Yes we will have a 6 Foot tall LumberJax Axe there, and YES we will have Authentic Aceblade practice swords there, but that's not what we're here to talk about!

If you follow us on Social Media, You may have seen the announcement, but we just signed a HUGE new deal with Short Fuse Media Group, to be the exclusive distributor of our comics, STARTING with LumberJax #1. YAY!!!!!

So that means, you can now order PRINT versions of ALL our comics through the Short Fuse site here -

Yes, you can Order LumberJax #1 RIGHT NOW, and SOON you'll be able to order Aceblade, King Supreme, AND Black Scorpion comics and have them delivered to YOUR DOORSTEP!

Another perk of being part of the Short Fuse Team, is that you can get in on weekly contests through the #TeamShortFuse Facebook Group! I hope that you all will join the group, I know you'll enjoy our weekly content. I did an episode of Talkin' Comics last Monday, and I think it went pretty well.

Last, but certainly not least, If you're in the area, PLEASE come by and see us this weekend at NC COMICON. We'll have copies of all our comics, as well as T-Shirts, Aceblade Swords, King Supreme Crowns, LumberJax's Enhakorre Necklace, and so much more. If you can Make it out to Durham, NC we'd LOVE to see you.

Thanks for bieng awesome, and until next time... Stay Vigilant My Friends!

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