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Goal: 114 Backers

Unlocks: Aceblade 1-3 FREE

So... This is a little different from normal stretch goals. Usually people put an amount on there, I just want to beat our last mark.

Aceblade #3 had 113 backers, I want to beat that mark. If we get to 114 backers by the end of the campaign (June 1st) I'm going to give away Aceblade #1-3 to EVERYONE who back the project at ANY level.

Since I've recently joined team #WeAlwaysDeliver I need to start practicing what we preach. So... The Day after the Campaign ends, I'll make the codes available to download the first 3 comics to everyone who backs the campaign.

Let's do it!

OH! And don't forget about that #AcebladeArtChallenge

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