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Over $1000 FCBD Weekend!

It's Over 1000!

WOW! You all have been amazing. helping us push our Kickstarter over the weekend!. We appreciate your help so much! But this is just the beginning. We have 24 days to go and we're still going to be giving away free comics until the campaign is over. So PLEASE if ou have a second to share or tweet out the link, It really helps more than you could imagine. You never know who's watching.

If you haven't yet, please pledge if you can. Remember you won't have to pay until the end of the campaign. (June 1st) SO if you're thinking about it, go ahead and get in there.


This will be your only chance to get a physical copy of Aceblade #4 which will conclude the "Vigilante Complex" arc. The graphic novel will also include all 4 comics and a couple mini comics that will give you a sneak peak into Aceblade's Rogues Gallery.

Again, Thanks for all of your support. Anything you can do (share, retweet, like, make a music video) would be much appreciated. Until next time, Stay Vigilant My Friends!

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