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Hello family! We're excited to present to you our next upcoming comic with a new character LumberJax. The name of the comic is LumberJax #1 "By Any Means" and we're blessed to already be 36% funded in 8 hours after launch! This is a huge deal for the company and we appreciate your support.

This comic is the gritty, nuanced and controversial kickoff to a four part comic series titled "Animus". LumberJax #1 is titled "By Any Means" due to the saying being used by the villain, but shown by the vigilante learning to become a hero LumberJax. Jax has a particular way of handling injustice and rectifying it by any means, but how will he respond when someone else takes that into their own hands? What is the proper response to injustice? Going with the status quo, changing it, or revolting against it? After reading this comic you'll be forced to decide what "By Any Means" means to you.

Click the link and check it out and help us share the news. We appreciate your support and look forward to your feedback once you've read the comic. You're the pillars of the walls building the company up. We're thankful for you.

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