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SUPER Eclipse early Kickstarter preview

Hello all. Danny here. Since today is a special day all over the US because of the Eclipse, I thought I'd take a moment to share an update about the Aceblade Kickstarter campaign coming up in October. I've been trying to take the advice of groups and experts across the internets to find the best way to run a successful kickstarter campaign. Of course, this isn't our first project, and we HAVE had successful projects done before on the site, but they've always been REALLY rocky.

The number 1 recommendation I've gotten is to START EARLY! So since we're not launching until October 3rd I want to try to get ahead of the ball and make sure this can be the best version of itself possible. The Kickstarter page for the 3rd Aceblade comic book is nearly done. We're putting the finishing touches on the official video this week so that it will all be ready to go ahead of time.

Since you all are our favorite fans and subscribers I want to give you the chance to check out the page (and give feedback) FIRST. There will be an early bird special for 10 backers to get FREE SHIPPING on all 3 Aceblade comics signed by Aceblade and I. as well as a few other cool rewards we're working on.

Check out the page and send me a message on here or tweet me @TheAceblade with some feedback. Thanks all. and here's a special 3 page preview of the comic.

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