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#ChatAndDraw with Michael Watson!

Good Afternoon y'all I hope everybody is doing great. Earlier today I had the opportunity to go on a show called "Chat and Draw" with comic book Artist and Writer Michael Watson. We talked about our comics, our love for Easter Eggs, and what our characters favorite FOODs are.

We had a great time talking while Mike drew Aceblade.

We talked about upcoming projects, My BEEF with Mike and his character "Hotshot" and why I don't like Hotshot's girlfriend at all!. We also joked about our favorite movies and why Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon is a PREFECT FILM.

This was a great hour just talking and building with another creator. I also drew a little bit too. Here's a preview of how Mike's Art came out.

If you would like to watch his process, click the image or head over to THIS LINK

Drop a comment or two and I'll respond back. Thanks for hanging with us. Until Next time, Stay Vigilant my Friends.


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