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Hey there 4th Wall Family! In just 2 short weeks, one of our favorite comic book themed conventions will be happening in Charlotte, NC... HeroesCon! Some of our favorite artists, writers, and all around good people will be in the building and it will be a great chance to meet some of the people responsible for the great comic content that you love.

Unfortunately, We won't be setup selling books and prints this year. But there will be plenty of 4th Wall Representation in the building.

---> Find Wolly Mcnair and ask him about the upcoming Aceblade book

---> Find Richard Cox and ask him to see the Queen Zadye commission he's holding for us.

---> Visit the Ultimate Comics booth and ask if they still have copies of Aceblade #1 and 2

---> Visit Tuskegee Heirs creators Marcus WIlliams and Greg Burnham and ask if he's selling Aceblade Prints

---> But above all else, go by the Batjeepster Rings booth and talk to the creator of Aceblade Christoph Hollars" himself!!!

Also, Danny J Quick will be in the building on Saturday, Hope you see you all there!

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