AceBlade- Vegas Vigilante-Hard Copy
Summary: The Vegas Vigilante lives to protect the people of Vegas City by any means necessary. Even if that means that he must work outside of the law. Get ready for a ride through the highs and lows of Terrell Durham's reign as Aceblade: The Vegas Vigilante.
Black Scorpion: Origins- Hard Copy
Summary: “The Oracle once asked you why you are Black Scorpion. I pose that question again. Why are you the Black Scorpion?”
“Now, that’s the easiest question of all,” Alex says with great confidence. “I’m the Black Scorpion because....I am the Black Scorpion.” 

Alexander Mason is an ex-Marine, a family man and the last defense against the rising criminal population in the city of Las Pacificas. After joining the ranks of a secretly-commissioned task force and undergoing experimental enhancements, his world is toppled by the death of his wife and mother. As he sets out to avenge his loved ones, new threats arise and sinister plots against him surface, leading him to accept his destiny and become the Black Scorpion. Armed with his physical enhancements and mystical training, Black Scorpion begins a journey that will bring him in contact with some of his greatest physical and emotional challenges.
The Seventh and Last- The Origin of LumberJax
"An exiled heir to the throne of Ethiopia escapes to New Orleans, but he can't escape the legendary prophecy that his grandfather revealed to him years before. Destiny is calling, but the pains of his past and present cloud the faith in his purpose needed to save those relying on his faith in who he truly is....The Seventh and Last judge on earth."